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Weekly Hot Tub Service Ensures Crystal Clear Water

Weekly Hot Tub Service Ensures Crystal Clear Water

According to Swim University, the “Three Cs of Hot Tub Maintenance” is proper “circulation, cleaning, and chemistry.” 

Briefly that means:

1. Even when not in use, spa water needs to regularly circulate through its filters to keep the water pure.

2. Cleaning your hot tub by removing accumulating scum along the waterline and on spa seats should be done weekly, the spa needs to be drained and thoroughly scrubbed clean and filters washed at least every three months.

3.  Water chemistry needs testing regularly and then sanitized as needed.


Reasons for Opting for a Weekly Hot Tub Service Plan.

Your Busy Lifestyle!

Busy Schedules Keep Us Exhausted

Busy Schedules Keep Us Exhausted


If the above Three Cs sound somewhat daunting, they are not. Keith McPartland, manager of our Best Hot Tubs Farmingdale, NY, showroom, explains:

“Proper spa care is actually not all that difficult or time consuming. However, people here on Long Island have been opting for our weekly hot tub service in growing numbers because they just can’t take on another task. So we sign up for hot tub maintenance for the same reason we don’t cut our own grass. We’ve got enough on our plates.”


Your Hot Tub Is in a Resort Area!

Issues related to Best Hot Tubs’ weekly hot tub service can be a bit different in the Catskills. According to a certified  technician at our Windham, NY, showroom, Jack Despisito, “Hot tub owners up here — in a major NY resort area — often do not live here. Or they do so only for short periods of time.”

So, Jack adds, the main issue for hot tub owners in resort areas is their tubs aren’t in use all the time. However, it’s better for their hot tub’s mechanical systems to have a basic level of service (see our plans below) so that sanitized water is, in fact, being run through their spa’s plumbing and pump and reducing any bacteria build up.

Weekly Hot Tub Service

Weekly Hot Tub Service

“Even for those who close down their hot tubs entirely for a season, etc., mold can build up despite it having been properly drained. Moisture can get in the interior mechanical parts. In addition, reopening a spa after being closed for extended periods of time is quite a process. You have to fill the tub up, put in the deep serum cleaner for internal pipe cleaning, empty the dirty water, scrub it down and fill it up again.”

Because emergency draining and filling to solve problems stemming from lack of use can be an expensive process, many people in resort areas like the Catskills opt for a basic service during the off season, says Jack, and then up the service during peak season. 


How Will You Know What’s Being Done for your Spa?

Best Hot Tubs provides its weekly hot tub service clients with a detailed service report showing details of the hot tub’s condition prior to service, the services done, and comment on any problems or repairs that are needed. Service is performed the whole year, no matter the weather.



You can choose from either of these three

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