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— Long Island, NY City Metro, Catskills, NY —

“Hot tub owners find it is a great relief to have experts like us worry about their spa’s water quality and maintenance — no matter the weather,” says our own Bill Renter.

“Many are surprised to learn that we provide service even to those who did not purchase their spa through Best Hot Tubs. But, in fact, we service all sorts of brands — not just the Strong Spas, Bullfrog Spas (Windham only), and Aspen Spas that we sell in our three showrooms.

Clean Hot Tub Water:

Clean Hot Tub Water:

It’s a fact that no one wants to soak in contaminants. We all want to step into a properly sanitized hot tub. And! We want to do this whenever we are in the mood for a good relaxing soak.

Of course, you can keep your spa properly sanitized and maintained yourself. And you can check our Best Hot Tubs YouTube account for instructional videos or search our website blogs or helpful information. And, best yet, you can order the necessary chemicals etc. from our website or pick them up at our showrooms.


Weekly Hot Tub Service Ensures Crystal Clear Water

Weekly Hot Tub Service Ensures Crystal Clear Water



However, with your busy schedule, if it all sounds daunting, don’t worry. It really isn’t. “Proper spa care is actually not all that difficult or time consuming,” says Bill.



Busy Schedules Keep Us Exhausted

Busy Schedules Keep Us Exhausted


“However, people on Long Island, in the City, and Catskills have been opting for our weekly hot tub service in growing numbers because they just can’t take on another task. 

“So we sign up for hot tub maintenance for the same reason we don’t cut our own grass. We’ve got enough on our plates.”




When Your Hot Tub Is in a Resort Area!

Early Morning, Windham, NY

Early Morning, Windham, NY

Issues related to Best Hot Tubs’ weekly hot tub service can require more attention in the Catskills, for example. According to our manager at our Windham, NY, showroom, Jack Despisito, “Hot tub owners up here — in a major NY resort area — often do not live here. Or they do so only for short periods of time.”

So, says Jack, the main issue for hot tub owners in resort areas is their tubs aren’t in use all the time. However, it’s better for their hot tub’s mechanical systems to have a basic level of service (so that sanitized water is, in fact, being run through their spa’s plumbing and pump and reducing any bacteria build up.


So no matter how often you use your spa, regular maintenance is a good idea. You can sign up for service right here on this website. Or contact us at the following three New York locations:

FARMINGDALE, NY: 1911 Broad Hollow Rd |Farmingdale, NY 11735

Email: |Phone: (631) 465-0175

WESTBURY, NY:453 Old Country Rd. |Westbury, NY 11590

Email: |Phone: (516) 279-4850

WINDHAM, NY: Route 23 & Co Road 65, Windham, NY 12496

Email: |Phone: (518) 734-9100