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Updated 8-17-23

The Well-Built Spa

The Well-Built Spa

True. All hot tubs are not created equal. And some quality hot tubs, like the Aspen Spas sold at Best Hot Tubs three New York showrooms, are very low maintenance as are the Bullfrog Spas available in our Windham, NY location. 

But as car owners regularly change the oil and filters etc. in even the best made vehicles, well-constructed hot tubs require some regular servicing.

Exactly what are we talking about by “some servicing” of hot tubs? Our Best Hot Tubs three plan options cover all the service needs. (It’s important to note here that we service all types of hot tubs, not just Aspen Spas and Bullfrog Spas.)

These services can be done either by a hot tub owner’s reading of the manufacturer’s manual, as well as checking out videos and other instructional help online, or by expert technicians such as those at Best Hot Tubs.

“We offer three different service plans,” says Jack Desposito (Best Hot Tubs Manager). “With our weekly service Standard Program we maintain your hot tub’s water quality by adjusting the chemical levels as required, be it chlorine or bromine, the alkalinity, pH up or down, and calcium levels. The needed chemicals can be bought from Best Hot Tubs or the hot tub owner can supply their own.”

Jack adds that our Standard Plan not only includes maintaining the water quality, but, in addition, we also clear away any excessive foam accumulated from lotions, hairsprays, soaps, etc. “We also use specific chemicals that will make the water clearer — a super clarifier and a “metal away” solution that removes metals. Plus, we add water if it is low, inspect the filter and rinse if needed, remove debris, and run the tub to check that all the systems are working, including the temperature and review the hot tub’s overall condition.”

Finally, Weekly Hot Tub Service offers a Premium Program. “It includes everything in the Basic and Standard plans,” says Joe. “But with this plan, a hot tub owner does not need to lift a finger to keep their hot tub well serviced. We wipe down the hot tub covers — and remove any snow off of them when it’s accumulated. We also do a “drain and fill” every 13 weeks (a $400 value): we first drain the tub, then wipe the inside clean including the pillows, before refilling it.”

What these plans do not cover, Jack says, is any maintenance repairs that might be required, such as fixing or changing the pumps, heaters and controls. While we also do such repairs, these are separate issues.

Quality Hot Tubs

Known for “Enviro Spa” construction,  Aspen shells and cabinets are made to withstand the elements.“This is key in the freeze/thaw weather we have in New York,” says Best Hot Tubs owner Bill Renter.

“This brand of hot tub resists damage from rain, humidity, heat, cold, and ice so they are popular in our neck of the woods.”

And when it comes to Bullfrog Spas, even the tray that runs underneath them, adds Bill, is made of this same injection-molded plastic of their shells. “This tray is so well integrated with the frame, no rot or rust means critters and water will not get into the hot tub and do any equipment damage. With other hot tubs, their wooden frame and cabinets allow for moisture to soften the wood.

Energy Efficiency

Well-Built Aspen Spas

Well-Built Aspen Spas

Aspen emphasizes energy efficiency through “unique applications of innovative insulation materials.” Such applications, says Aspen, means they are “built to maintain warm, therapeutic water while keeping energy bills low.”

Aspen Spas include insulation foam, a fully insulated ABS bottom pan which stops the cold from seeping in, Reflectix, an insulation/foil hybrid, which reflects heat back into your spa, and its hard cover which blocks the warmth from rising out of your spa.

And Bullfrog Spas are one of the top-rated energy-efficient spas.

“Basically, we are very proud of the quality spas we sell,” says Bill Renter. “BUT Quality hot tubs also need to be well-serviced hot tubs.” To sign up for one of our three weekly service plans, or get more information, contact:


FARMINGDALE, NY – 1911 Broadhollow Rd, Farmingdale, NY 11735 – Phone: (631) 465-0175

WESTBURY, NY – 453 Old Country Rd, Westbury, NY 11590 – Phone: (516) 279-4850

WINDHAM, NY – 275 CR 65 -(Corner of Route 23 & CR 65), Windham, 12496 – Phone: (518) 734-9100