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While two of our NY showroom locations (Farmingdale, Westbury, Long Island) aren’t expecting snow tomorrow, our Windham location is. It’s hardly expected to be a major storm. But any report of snow reminds us that cold weather everywhere is just around the corner.

How does cold weather affect hot tubs you might ask? Well. For one thing, when the temperature drops, taking care of your outdoor hot tub can get challenging.

Such conditions remind us of a Best Hot Tubs client who had needed emergency service one very cold Catskills’ day. 

But before we get to his testimonial about an emergency, we should point out:


Weekly Hot Tub Service

Weekly Hot Tub Service

There’s More to Hot Tub Service

Than Emergencies.

Whether your hot tub is located at a rental property, or in your own backyard, you want it operating well and the water pristine any time of year.

“People are always quite surprised to learn that hotels and public pools test their water three times a day,” says owner of Best Hot Tubs and Weekly Hot Tub, Bill Renter.

“So having hot tub experts test your spa weekly and adjust chemicals etc. (as well as in between stays by different renters) should not seem excessive. It’s worth the peace of mind such visits give.”

“The question is who should be the one to keep it in optimal shape.” 

For many, the answer is someone other than the busy hot tub owner. Beyond purchasing a quality hot tub, which we offer, it a great relief to learn you can have experts like us worry about its water quality and operating maintenance — no matter the weather, or spa model you own.”

Best Hot Tubs Service Tech

Best Hot Tubs Service Tech

Even hot tub owners who did not purchase their spa through Best Hot Tubs are welcome to sign up for our service. Our team is able to provide this service on most makes or models. 

This is one reason why we’ve created this special website dedicated to weekly hot tub maintenance, where hot tub owners can easily sign up day or night —


As for the testimonial we promised, it was from someone who was a happy new customer who had just purchased a hot tub from us. However, as many may be aware, the weather in the Catskills can get pretty cold in winter. And one day when Matthew went to check on his hot tub he discovered that the water had started to freeze. Here’s his own words:

“I called Best Hot Tubs where I bought the tub the past summer and Jack was at my house within an hour. He assessed the situation and it turned out that the power to the tub had failed.


“Racing against time, as the water began to freeze more and more, Jack was on the phone with Bill [Renter] the owner for a good couple of hours trying to save the tub.


“Jack went and got hot air blowers and other equipment to try to heat up the plumbing as well as the water to stop it from getting worse. The situation stabilized that night and Jack instructed me to call my electrician to reestablish power to the tub; once the power was reestablished, the water would be able to flow through the tub and they would better be able to test the internal components of the tub for damage.


“The electrician came out the next morning and fixed the power. Jack and I were on the phone constantly and once the electrician left, Jack and his team were immediately back out at my house melting the water that had frozen overnight as well as testing the tub for damage.


“Luckily, the tub had no damage and was saved. I can’t thank Jack and Bill and everyone at Best Hot Tubs for their immediate and professional, knowledgeable and incredible service. Once you buy a tub from them, they treat you like you are their only customer. What an incredible experience with incredible people!


“I bought the tub from Best Hot Tubs for this very reason – when something goes wrong, they responded immediately and averted a disaster for me.


Thank you so very much Bill and Jack and everyone at Best Hot Tubs!”


— Matthew Chernaski


Be Prepared For The Cold

Be Prepared For The Cold

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