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Weekly Hot Tub Service


Best Hot Tubs, located on Long Island and in the Catskills, New York, provides Weekly Hot Tub Service and Winterization Service for all types of hot tubs and spas.

Maintaining your hot tub is essential not only for adding to the enjoyment it offers, but also to have a healthy environment and assure long hot tub life. Our weekly service keeps your hot tub clean, maintains the proper chemical balance, and prolongs the life of the hot tub.

We service Long Island, the Greater New York area, and the Hunter-Windham areas in the Catskills.


Best Hot Tubs wins “Best of Houzz 2018 Service” Award

Hot Tub Maintenance Services

Our weekly hot tub service includes the following:

Hot Tub Cleaning & Vacuuming
Chemical Check and Adjustment
Water Level Check and Adjustment
Water Temperature Check and Adjustment
Filter Cleaning or Replacement
Drain and Fill – if needed
Serum Deep Cleaning – if needed
Hot Tub Cover Cleaning
Mechanical Checks

A detailed Service Report is sent to the customer showing details of the hot tub condition prior to service, and the actual services done on the hot tub.

In the Service Report we also comment on any problems or repairs that are needed, and make recommendations for the care and maintenance of the hot tub.

Weekly Hot Tub Service is performed throughout the whole year – Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. This ensures continuous top performance of the hot tub, and maximum pleasure and enjoyment for you.

Please use the Contact Form, or call us directly, for more information about our Weekly Hot Tub Service.

Hot Tub Winterization Services

Hot Tub Winterization is the most critical service for hot tubs. It prevents freezing from cracking pipes, pumps and plumbing throughout the hot tub.

Our Winterization Hot Tub Service includes the following:

Drain the Hot Tub
Open the Equipment Panel
Open All Plugs and Unions on the Pump
Blow Out and Vacuum all Pipes, Pumps, Heater, Plumbing and Waterfalls
Blow Non-Toxic Anti-Freeze through Every Pipe to Create a Protective Coating
When Possible, Completely Cover Entire Hot Tub with 6-mil Plastic to Keep Out all Rain, Snow & Ice

Please use the Contact Form, or call us directly, for more information about our Hot Tub Winterization Service.

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Hot Tub Service All-Year-Round

Contact us directly at:

FARMINGDALE, NY: 1050 Broad Hollow Rd | Farmingdale, NY 11735
Email: farmingdale@besthottubs.comPhone: (631) 465-0175

WESTBURY, NY: 453 Old Country Rd. | Westbury, NY 11590
Email: westbury@besthottubs.comPhone: (516) 279-4850

WINDHAM, NY: 5354 Route 23 | Windham, NY 12496
Email: windham@besthottubs.comPhone: (518) 734-9100