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Update 4-13-23: Several years ago, even before COVID affected to many changes in our society, Best Hot Tubs recognized an increasing need for reliable and capable home service. Since COVID, as homeowners have been investing more in their homes, we thought it a good idea to update our blog on the demand for hot tub service.

According to recent reports including this one, families are spending more time at home and “the home service business has turned more into a luxury service than a necessity.” More and more, homeowners want homes that are a comfortable place to be. Not to mention, more people are working from home.

And even with this return to a more robust home life, homeowners are finding themselves busier than ever with little time to maintain the very homes they are cherishing. 

Hence, the ever increasing demand for home service businesses, from home cleaning, maintenance — and yes, hot tub service.

One of our techs recently on the job!

One of our techs recently on the job!


“We feel ahead of the game here at Best Hot Tubs,” says our own Bill Renter. “We began offering hot tub service a few years ago — pre-pandemic. So we’ve had more time than most to hire and train a good roster of excellent workers who know the business. 

“And we don’t just service the hot tub models we sell at our three New York showrooms (Westbury, Farmingdale, Windham). Our techs are trained in most hot tub models. To use our service, it isn’t necessary that you bought your hot tub from us. You get the same reliable service as if you had.”

Check out our earlier blog below for more details.




One group who definitely needs weekly hot tub service are those who rent out their properties. 

Rental Properties

Rental Properties

“Rental property owners are often not on site when hot tub problems occur,” says Best Hot Tubs and Weekly Hot Tub Service owner, Bill Renter. “Knowing their occupants have experts to call — and that the problem will be fixed within 24 hours — is of enormous benefit.”

In the Catskills, for example, vacation rentals with hot tubs are popular. And because Best Hot Tubs is weekly maintaining, monitoring and adjusting their spa chemicals, they never have to worry about the quality of the water, or if the spa components are being overworked.”

Of course those who live in their homes year-round and have a home spa find there are periods when the hot tub gets a lot of use and needs more regular care.

“Busy people often struggle to keep their hot tub in tip-top shape,” says Bill. “They’re simply not aware there is a local hot tub service like ours available to them.” 

Once they learn about our weekly service, it’s as if a great weight is removed. Best Hot Tubs technicians begin weekly monitoring their spa’s water quality and providing full spa maintenance as needed. 

This means hot tub cleaning and vacuuming, cleaning the filters, checking and maintaining the proper chemical balance, draining and filling the spa as required, scouring the inside of the tub, and fixing any technical problems. 

And we do this, whatever the weather!

More Good News

Many find that the best news is it doesn’t matter what type of hot tub you own,” adds Bill. “Our teams know their stuff.“


Best Hot Tubs Technician

Best Hot Tubs Technician

Best Hot Tubs service technicians are well trained in all spa models, not just the brands we sell in our Best Hot Tubs showrooms — Strong Spas, Aspen Saps and, in Windham, also Bullfrog Spas. Whenever there’s an unusual problem with a client’s hot tub, we have experts who can step in.

Maintaining Water Quality

Maintaining Water Quality

With Best Hot Tubs weekly hot tub year-round service, if a client has problems with any major parts that make the spa run, we will replace the component free. 

“This includes things like heaters, pumps, boards, not to mention what the cost of a service call like this would be if they weren’t on contract,” says Bill. 

“Also, if you have good water chemistry in proper balance, the equipment lasts a very long time. When purchasing a new hot tub, and you opt to have it weekly serviced, you’ll extend the life of the equipment.”

Lastly. For a constantly clean, regularly maintained hot tub, all it takes is to sign on here at this website or make a call to one of our Best Hot Tubs New York showrooms. 

Whether your hot tub is located at a rental property, or in your own backyard, if you live in the NY Metro area, Catskills, or Long Island, peace of mind is yours.

In addition to this dedicated service website, you can contact us directly at:

FARMINGDALE, NY:  1911 Broad Hollow Rd | Farmingdale, NY 11735

Email: | Phone: (631) 465-0175

WESTBURY, NY: 453 Old Country Rd. | Westbury, NY 11590

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WINDHAM, NY: 5354 Route 23 | Windham, NY 12496

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