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Hot Tub Service/Snow Removal

Hot Tub Service/Snow Removal


When maintained properly, quality hot tubs can remain clean and in superb operating condition for many years.

After each visit, Best Hot Tubs service technicians provide our clients with a comprehensive report showing details of (1) the hot tub’s condition prior to service, (2) the services done, and (3) comments on any problems or repairs that are needed.





Hot Tub Service Lets You Relax

Hot Tub Service Lets You Relax

Specifics about our service provides,our most popular plan, the “Standard” Program” includes

  • All that is done under our “Basic Water Quality Maintenance Program” (checking and adjusting Bromine, Sanitizer, pH, up or down, total Alkalinity of tub water), plus
  • Adding water if low.
  • Inspection of the filter and rinsing it if needed.
  • Removal of any debris.
  • Running hot tub to check all its systems are working,
  • Checking the water temperature.
  • Checking spa’s overall condition
  • Option for shoveling path from your door to your hot tub.


And, this service is performed the whole year, no matter the weather. As you will see from the following few second video, bad weather does not deter us!

How Important is Regular Maintenance?

According to Swim University, the “Three Cs of Hot Tub Maintenance” is proper “circulation, cleaning, and chemistry.” 

Briefly that means: 

Even when not in use, spa water needs to regularly circulate through its filters to keep the water pure.

Cleaning your hot tub by removing accumulating scum along the waterline and on spa seats should be done weekly, the spa needs to be drained and thoroughly scrubbed clean and filters washed at least every three months.

Water chemistry needs testing regularly and then sanitized as needed.

So as the Polar Vortex continues to push snow our way in the Northeast, and beyond into warm weather again, you might appreciate these words from our Farmingdale, NY, Best Hot Tubs showroom manager:

“Proper spa care is actually not all that difficult or time consuming. However, people have been opting for our weekly hot tub service in growing numbers because they just can’t take on another task. 

So we sign up for hot tub maintenance for the same reason we don’t cut our own grass. We’ve got enough on our plates.”

If you’d like to speak with an expert at one of our showrooms, contact:

FARMINGDALE, NY: 1911 Broad Hollow Rd | Farmingdale, NY 11735

Email: farmingdale@besthottubs.comPhone: (631) 465-0175

WESTBURY, NY: 453 Old Country Rd. | Westbury, NY 11590

Email: westbury@besthottubs.comPhone: (516) 279-4850

WINDHAM, NY: 5354 Route 23 | Windham, NY 12496

Email: windham@besthottubs.comPhone: (518) 734-9100