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Those who own a vacation property, or simply rent out their own home occasionally through Airbnb, etc., know that when it comes to vacation rentals — hot tubs are a popular amenity for attracting guests.

However. Hot tubs at rental properties are, by definition, used by lots of people, sometimes in rapid succession. Such knowledge can’t help but activate a vacation seeker’s antennae when choosing where to go. They read between the lines and check out reviews carefully. They may, indeed, want a hot tub. But they want to know it’s going to be well cared for, and clean — pristine clean.

One way to ensure reading between your advertising lines finds nothing but white space is including in your rental postings that your hot tub is serviced and cleaned regularly by trained hot tub technicians — including before each new arrival.

“This is where we can help,” says Bill Renter, owner of Best Hot Tubs (Windham, Farmingdale, Westbury, NY). “Our weekly hot tub service contracts help vacation property owners — who frequently live at a distance from the rental properties —by inspecting and maintaining their vacation rental spas for them, especially the water quality. In our service areas (Catskills, NY Metro Area), we have at the moment over 60 such weekly customers.”

Long Island is a Popular Vacation Area

Long Island, NY, is a Popular Vacation Area

One rental property owner met Bill at the Architectural Digest Design Show in New York City. She had just purchased a large home in a popular vacation area, Westhampton, New York. She wanted the largest possible spa and chose Bullfrog Spas’ A9L model, which seats up to 9. It’s the newest, and largest, spa Bullfrog offers. 

“This was a strategic purchase on her part to ensure her investment property was rented out more frequently because of the hot tub and its size.

“Another benefit for her was that even after the property’s pool was shut down for the season, the hot tub, which operates separately from her pool, was still open. And this helps extend her renting season.”

Well-Maintained Bullfrog Spas

Well-Maintained Bullfrog Spas

There are lots of people living in the New York City area, for example, who have properties they rent out in the Catskills or eastern Long Island. Indeed, Long Island itself has had a banner year in tourism, and many of its vacation property owners live at a distance.

Because of this, our teams at Best Hot Tubs Windham, Westbury and Farmingdale, recommend that rental property owners with hot tubs get on a regular maintenance plan such as we offer, so that their spas can be properly monitored, and the chemicals kept in balance.

“Also, should anything go wrong, being on contract makes it easier to get quick service,” says Bill. “Contract clients find that our professionals are only a phone call away. We view regular care for the hot tub similar to that of a car. Take good care of it, and your spa will last and serve you well — even when it comes to sanitary concerns.”

Depending on your needs, you can sign on to any of our three plans, and then relax, knowing your guests will feel happy about booking with you.



For those who own contemporary designed rental properties can choose a sleek Bullfrog Spas' STIL model like this one

For those who own contemporary designed rental properties can choose a sleek Bullfrog Spas’ STIL model like this one. For service contracts and great spa models in various styles, contact us below.