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If you’ve been putting off getting a hot tub because you worry about maintaining it, there’s a very simple answer. Have someone else keep your hot tub running smoothly. For example, if you live in the NY Metro/Long Island area or in the Catskills, our Best Hot Tubs technicians will not only take care of your spa’s water quality (so important) but also the spa itself.

Maintaining Proper Water Quality

“There’s nothing quite like the benefits of warm water hydrotherapy,” says Bill Renter. “But as we know, hot water speeds the growth of bacteria. These contaminants can build up in a small body of water that’s not monitored regularly and adjusted as needed.”

When Bill or other members of our team discuss our weekly service contracts with new clients, it’s not surprising that owners strive to keep their expenses as low as possible. One thing they often suggest is scheduling maintenance every two weeks instead.

“Fourteen days between services is long in hot-tub-time,” adds Bill. Once you experience the benefits of hot tub relaxation, owners tend to use their spa a good deal. They often invite friends and family to join them, and all this activity dramatically affects the water quality.” 

Bullfrog Spas Interiors:

Bullfrog Spas Interiors:

No matter who’s using it, you want clean water in your hot tub. Note how the handsome “Sandstone” Bullfrog Spas interior chosen by these Best Hot Tubs’ clients shines beautifully in clean hot tub water.


Weekly Services

Proper Spa Maintenance

Proper Spa Maintenance

During weekly services Best Hot Tubs’ technicians check and adjust the water quality by using spa sanitizers and testing equipment. “Sometimes we kick the chemicals up several notches through what is called ‘shocking the water’ if we feel the spa has had heavy use during the week,” adds Bill. 

Also, every couple of months, Best Hot Tubs will remove and rinse the filters. In addition, we wipe out any rings showing in the tub; plus we top off water levels. As required, every few months we will drain and clean the tub.

“People are always quite surprised to learn that hotels and public pools test their water three times a day,” says Bill. “So having hot tub experts test your spa weekly should not seem excessive. It’s worth the peace of mind such visits give spa owners.”

How to Clean Your Hot Tub:

How to Clean Your Hot Tub:

Best Hot Tubs has a substantial and growing number of service contracts — for clients with one or more of our Bullfrog Spas, as well for those owning other brands.

Spa Inspections

To ensure the spa itself is in good operating order, you’ll definitely appreciate participating in one of our weekly hot tub service programs. 

“Leaks, cracks, or damage to mechanics can arise throughout the year,” says Bill.  “It’s easy to catch these problems quickly with frequent, thorough inspections. Inspections ensure your panel, pumps, ozonators, filters, and jets are fully functional.” 

Now that spring is just around the corner, and outdoor living will be tempting us again, if you’d like a terrific water feature like a spa but have been afraid of the maintenance, it’s really quote simple. Let someone else do it…like Best Hot Tubs’ Weekly Hot Tub Service technicians!


Best Hot Tubs Weekly Service

Best Hot Tubs Weekly Service


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