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Rejuvenate in a Pristine Hot Tub

Rejuvenate in a Pristine Hot Tub


It doesn’t matter if it’s just your time to relax, or you have a special occasion to celebrate, you don’t want to soak in contaminants. What you want is a properly sanitized spa that is operating well. That’s not too much to ask is it?

But if that isn’t the condition of your hot tub — or you fear it won’t be come time for Halloween or Thanksgiving fun, be assured you can have a gleaming and healthy spa whenever you want it.



DIY Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

If you plan on keeping your spa in perfect order yourself, and need some DIY advice, Best Hot Tubs’ Youtube channel has lots of practical tips that will help you maintain your hot tub.

Below, for example, is our own Bill Renter showing how easy it is to add start-up chemicals (note: the video was done when Best Hot Tubs was known as Long Island Hot Tub). 


In addition to our YouTube channel, we regularly post maintenance tips and demonstrations in our blogs. To find those, just search our blog for “hot tub maintenance” or “hot tub service” and find a wide variety of helpful information. 

Is DIY the Easiest Way?

Not everyone feels comfortable maintaining appliances, etc themselves. Frankly, keeping a portable spa properly sanitized and operating is very much like owning a car. It’s not hard to change the oil yourself, but most of us have someone else do it.

Choosing one of Best Hot Tubs’ weekly service plans means not only will we keep your hot tub crystal clear, but it doesn’t matter if you own one of our Strong Spas. Our technicians are well versed in a variety of manufacturers. 



15 minutes • $99.95/ 13 weeks*

Maintaining your hot tub is essential not only for adding to the enjoyment it offers, but also to have a healthy environment and assure long hot tub life. Our weekly service keeps your hot tub clean, maintains the proper chemical balance, and prolongs the life of the hot tub. (*Most Popular Plan)




If you’d like to upgrade your old spa to a new Strong Spa, Best Hot Tubs has some great offers in time for the holidays.

Whether it’s a new spa your comfortable familiar one, stop by or call to see how easy it is to enjoy a hot tub that relieves pain, reduces stress and brings your family closer together.

Here’s a video that shows some of the many benefits of our Strong Spas:



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