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Whether your hot tub is located at a rental property, or in your own backyard, you want it operating well and the water pristine. If serviced properly, hot tubs can remain clean and in optimal operating condition for many years. 

“One question remains, however: who should keep it in optimal shape,” says Bill Renter, owner of Best Hot Tubs and our new division:

Weekly Hot Tub Service

Weekly Hot Tub Service

Weekly Hot Tub Service

Weekly Hot Tub Service












“Beyond purchasing a superb quality hot tub, which we offer, many find it a great relief to have experts like us worry about its water quality and full maintenance — no matter the weather or make of the spa.”

So it’s not surprising that even hot tub owners who did not purchase their spa through Best Hot Tubs are signing up.

What does a weekly hot tub service include?

Depending on the need at the time of visit, maintenance can involve the following:

— hot tub cleaning and vacuuming

— cleaning the filters, 

— checking and maintaining the proper chemical balance, 

— draining and filling the spa,

— scouring the inside of the tub; 

— making or fixing any technical problems.

“You might say that we operate our weekly hot tub service like the post office — neither rain, sleet, snow, heat, nor gloom of night, will prevent us keeping your hot tub in shape,” says Bill.

Clean Hot Tub Water (Windham/NY):

Clean Hot Tub Water (Windham/NY):

Here’s a photo of one of our maintained hot tubs in the Catskills which was taken in winter. The water is so crystal clear you can see the bare trees reflected perfectly in the clean spa water.

To sign up for our service, you can click here.  Or should you wish to speak with someone directly:


Hot Tub Installation and Maintenance:

Hot Tub Installation and Maintenance:

You want your hot tub to remain as clean and optimal as the day you unpacked it. 


Bullfrog Spas - Built to Last:

Bullfrog Spas – Built to Last:

We are also proud to be a distributor of Bullfrog Spas. From Bullfrog’s durable cabinets, to its foundation, foam insulation, Wellspring water control, reduced plumbing, and JetPaks, these spa models are built to last — right here in the USA!